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We are here to help you! At Renew we MAKE SOLAR STRONGER. We work hard to Repair and Maintain your solar system and ensure your investment is at its peak performance at all times. We only use the most innovative and efficient products to extend the longevity of your solar energy system. Our team is composed of the industry’s very best solar technicians that are highly trained and licensed to provide you with superior service you won’t find anywhere else.

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Submit a request online or by phone. We will gather as much information about your case as possible and assign you a dedicated case specialist.



Your dedicated case Specialist will schedule an on-site visit for your solar energy system. We will work quickly to dispatch a solar repair Technician as we know every day that goes by is energy you’re not capturing.



Our Solar Repair Technicians are licensed and trained professionals that will troubleshoot your system, diagnose the problem and resolve the issue quickly and precisely, getting your system up and running again to its peak performance.

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Put your trust in Renew Solar Repair to make your solar strong again

When you work with the best solar repair company you get the best results. We have performed thousands of solar repairs nationally and would like to welcome you into the family of all our satisfied customers.

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At Renew our technicians have seen every issue that can arise from a residential or commercial solar system. One thing that always stands out in every case is system downtime costs the customer money. That is why it is important for our solar service technician to quickly troubleshoot your system, diagnose the problem and resolve the issue, bringing your system back on line and generating the energy you rely on and the peace of mind you deserve.


Our solar service technicians have seen it all and can fix it all. Our trained staff can diagnose most issues before sending a technician out resolving the issue quickly and efficiently.

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Critter Guard Installation

Keep animals out from damaging and building nests under your solar array with our proprietary structural reinforced barriers.

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Whether you have an error code on the inverter or a red light indicating a fault our solar repair guys will diagnose the issue and fix it fast. We also will swap an inverter with the newest latest technology to get your system running at its peak performance again.

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At RENEW we have a division specialized in roofing and solar. We can investigate the cause of a leak by examining under the solar array and attics. We will determine if your leak is coming from your solar installation or somewhere else and repair it.


Have you purchased a home or business with solar panels already installed on it and aren't sure if your solar system is functioning properly? A system health check will give you a comprehensive system inspection and detailed documentation on the findings.


We Operate a GAF Certified Roofing division which means your Roofing and Solar needs are covered under the our industry-leading warranty. 

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We offer 3rd party 24/7 monitoring. Making sure your system is running at its peak performance at all times and letting you know if any issues arise.

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Solar service technician will replace faulted Micro inverters and Optimizers and file a warranty replacement with the manufacturer if applicable. Older Micro Inverter systems also might be eligible for an upgrade through the manufacture, see if you apply!

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We will replace A cracked or faulted module and document all serial numbers for your monitoring and warranty references.


Cleaning modules regularly in the proper way will drastically increase your solar energy yields saving you more money in the long run.


Our technicians un-install your whole solar panel system and re-install at your desired date according to your original plan sets or create a new design making it just how you want it.

*We will store your system for you if you have no room onsite*

RENEW Solar Repair

RENEW Solar Repair Long Island

The best in the industry

RENEW Solar Repair certified solar technician have repaired thousands of solar energy systems and have gotten home owners back to producing power! We have no fine print, if it is not working correctly we will fix it.

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Solar Repair Cost.

The Solar industry is a rapidly evolving industry ever changing in its advancements in technology and the bettering of its materials, but what happens to

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Based on 24 reviews.
Jackie Gardiner
Jackie Gardiner
March 31, 2021.
Long Island Solar replaced my solar panels after some construction work on my house - when Ian discovered multiple rotted panels under my very old roof, he helped us to get them replaced and a new roof installed. He also took extreme care not to damage my flower beds when removing the old roof and installing the new roof. We had a minor issue about 8 months later and I emailed Ian to explain it to him- he was at my house within hours to address the issue. I highly recommend this company as they are trustworthy, reliable and do great work!
Rich Ramoska
Rich Ramoska
March 24, 2021.
We had an amazing experience when choosing Renew USA. We suddenly realized our solar wasn't working & had no luck getting a response from the original company we purchased our system from so when we were referred to Renew USA, we didn't have the highest expectations. We were pleasantly surprised at the quick response from Ian & his eagerness to assist right away. He immediately called & began trying to troubleshoot the system right over the phone. That was definitely a temporary fix but when we noticed it was still an issue, he scheduled an appointment for us right away. Philip was a great Technician that took the time to speak with us & understand the trouble & quickly figured out the problem. We were able to contact PSE&G to correct the voltage issue & we've been back in service ever since! We'll definitely be recommending Renew USA to everyone!
Michael Prisciandaro
Michael Prisciandaro
March 14, 2021.
Great company, couldn't be happier, job went smooth from beginning to end
Brooke Ryan
Brooke Ryan
March 8, 2021.
Amazing company to work with! Thank you guys for ALL of your help!
maria mule
maria mule
March 5, 2021.
Thanks so much for helping me out and answering the 1000 and 1 questions I had lol... I would definitely recommend this company they are hard working, honest, friendly and very professional!!!
James Feldmann
James Feldmann
November 30, 2020.
I wanted to say thank you to RENEW USA for everything they have done for me from beginning to the end. They did everything on time and kept their words when they came to remove the panels and put them back on the roof after the roof was replaced. The customer service and rapport via email/phone was fantastic! Ian, owner of RENEW USA, communicated with me directly, and did everything what was expected from his company. He stayed on top of everything and the job was clean, efficient, pleasant, and also saved two baby birds that was in the nest under the panels which I brought it to birds Sanctuary. However, RENEW USA couldn't put the solar panels back on the roof because the manufacturer of my solar panels, TESLA, has not send the parts needed to put the solar panels back on the roof. It has been 10 weeks of HELL with trying to get parts from Tesla to no avail. RENEW USA bent backwards and stepped in and used the parts they have available in their stock to use it for my solar panels until I get the parts from TESLA to give back to RENEW USA if succeed. I can't think of any company big or small who would do something like this. RENEW USA have given me some hope that there are decent and caring company who cares about their customers unlike the big corporation like TESLA! If you are considering to get solar panels, be sure you find get it elsewhere other than TESLA. They don't care about their customers other than selling their products! Look for local, small companies like RENEW USA - stay away from greedy big corporations like TESLA! If it was not for RENEW USA, my solar panels would be still on the ground as I write this review for this great company. If you need service relate to solar panels or recommendation on where to get them - contact RENEW USA and you won't regret it. Since there is only 4 stars available to give RENEW USA, they deserve 1 thousand stars and THANK YOU VERY MUCH RENEW USA for everything you have done. I will never forget your genuine service with care and compassionate! Thank you IAN!

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