It is all too common that we hear from our customers that the solar company that installed their system has gone out of business or is simple not around anymore. Leaving them without a way to either access their solar monitoring or let them know if their system is operating correctly. We offer service monitoring packages that allow us to take back control of your solar monitoring system and run full diagnostic scans on your system looking for any issues or weak spots with your solar system. We monitor your system 24/7 making sure the entire system is operating correctly and will send you notifications if something is wrong with your average production or error codes have been triggered. You will receive a user friendly app to see your system working in real time and give you an easy to read diagnostic report of your system.
Many people who get solar panels for their homes ask “How do we know if it’s working?” Easy, Monitoring! Monitoring is a great way to keep track of the energy you are producing on any given day and time. It is also a great way to know if your system is running efficiently or if it’s time for a Tune-Up (see Maintenance for more details on Tune-Ups).