Critter Guard Installation

Critter Guard keeps Squirrels, mice, birds and other small animals that are known for creating homes under your solar array OUT. As solar panel installations increase, more and more small animals choose to take shelter under solar panels, destroying any electrical wiring in their path. Squirrel guards are a great way to prevent infestation under your solar panels and ensure your system is running efficiently and adequately. They are also a great way to prevent leaves and other debris build up under your solar array, causing roof rot and potentially insect infestations. Critter guards will protect you from costly and hazardous damages in the future.

Our 3 Step Plan


Our team of technicians will conduct a visual inspection under your solar panels to determine if there has been an infestation and whether or not any wires were damaged.


remove any critters, nests and perform any repairs caused by animals before installing the critter guard. Renew critter guard is a structural reinforced, corrosion resistant barrier that will block any entrance for small animals.


Our technicians will install the critter guard around your whole system leaving no spot for pests to get back under your solar array.

Unlike the rest, our guards are double reinforced for extra durability and promote air flows to move freely for your solar panels and roof to breath properly. The Renew critter guard is nearly invisible from the ground and is the highest quality on the market.