Micro Inverter / Optimizer Replacement

Enphase Micro-Inverter Warranty Upgrade

System owners are eligible for a upgrade from their second-generation microinverters to Enphase’s latest seventh-generation microinverter, the Enphase IQ 7-PD. They are offering the equipment at cost, and including all required equipment at a flat rate of $67.50/panel, including:

This is manufacture cost, to get the old faulted 2nd gen micro inverters out of the field.

25-year Warranty
0 x
10x More Reliable
0 %
Almost 50% Savings

No Permitting Required

With the Microinverter Upgrade option, system owners will have access to our latest and most reliable technology. In fact, our new IQ 7-PD Microinverter is an order of magnitude more reliable than our second-generation products. Plus, it comes with a new 25-year product warranty and two-year service agreement.

This new technology also allows system owners to view and track their household’s energy usage with Consumption Monitoring, letting them see how much energy comes from their panels and how much comes from the utility. Plus, these new system will be storage-ready should system owners choose to add Batteries now or down the road.

Cost: Enphase is offering equipment to legacy system owners “old 2nd gen” at a flat rate of $67.50/panel. Labor costs are quoted separately. While system size and specifications vary, we typically see an average cost to upgrade a 20-panel system between $2,300-$3,100 for equipment and installation.