Solar Repair Cost.

How Much Does Solar Panel Repair Cost

The Solar industry is a rapidly evolving industry ever changing in its advancements in technology and the bettering of its materials, but what happens to the solar systems that have been installed and need repairs or maintenance? A lot of solar customers do not receive the repairs & maintenance that their system requires to keep […]

What Happens when your Solar Company goes Out of Business?

solar company closed

  Price of solar is becoming more affordable and the improved manufacturing process is being well-received amongst homeowners and businesses alike, so why are many solar companies going out of business? Many solar companies are leaving the industry. Unfortunately since 2008, 100s of companies have closed their doors, gone into liquidation or other circumstances that […]

Tax Credit For Solar Repairs!

ITC Solar Tax Credit

Have you heard of the ITC (Investment Tax Credit) that you can receive on your solar instillations? If you haven’t, no worries! Check out how you can use your ITC for Solar Repairs, upgrades, & even new additions to your existing solar energy system! What exactly is the ITC? To encourage Americans to use solar […]