solar company closed 

Price of solar is becoming more affordable and the improved manufacturing process is being well-received amongst homeowners and businesses alike, so why are many solar companies going out of business? Many solar companies are leaving the industry. Unfortunately since 2008, 100s of companies have closed their doors, gone into liquidation or other circumstances that have left solar customers orphaned. This has lead to an epidemic of installed systems where the retailer is no longer around to service or repair these solar systems. These systems are referred to as ‘orphaned’ systems, and currently there is between 680,000 to 800,000 orphaned systems on roofs in The US to date.

In a clearly flourishing industry, how is it possible that an alarming number of solar companies are dwindling?

Individuals saw money in the solar industry and were not overly interested in the industry of solar itself. These individuals created companies to just ride the wave of the “solar boom” hiring low cost and unskilled workers to install cheaper and highly defective equipment to maximize profits. When these profits started to dwindle these individuals ran towards the nearest exit and bankrupted their company. Cheap prices may lure customers in, but what lies beneath are inadequate business practices and poor management. These companies never wanted to maintain their systems just to install them and forget about them. Reports suggest that solar companies go into liquidation when they repeatedly face claims due to poor workmanship, product malfunction or failure. They are unable to rectify these with skilled workers to repair the problems. When this happens customers are left with warranties that were supposed to be honored by the Solar company null and void and the expenses of maintenance and repairs the sole responsibility of the customer. Worst part is, in these cases, customers had no one to turn to for simple repairs or monitoring issues. Here at Renew Solar Repair we offer just that, a way for these solar customers to affordably get back on track and get their solar systems operating at their peak performance.

When customers have valid warranty cases where the manufacturers of solar panels or inverters can be replaced for free of charge, these manufactures will not honor these warranties without a verified solar provider to install the product or to check the current equipment and provide test results. At Renew Solar Repair along with the many services we offer to our customers working with product manufactures for warranty replacement is something we do quite often. We have replaced thousands of faulty solar equipment in the north east region, in particular, Long Island New York where the salt mist environment and pest damage is very frequent.

What to do Now?

Best thing to do now if your original solar installer has gone out of business is to get your system checked by Renew Solar Repairs reputable solar technicians. They can take a look at the quality of install and products to ensure the longevity of your solar system, but also the roof it was placed upon to prevent any costly damages due to a roof leak in the future. Prevention is always best. Selecting Renew you can trust our three qualities we bring to every one of our jobs. Quality, reputation and reliability which we use to protect your solar energy system and home.

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